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1 a soldier in a Scottish regiment from the Highlands
2 a native of the Highlands of Scotland [syn: Scottish Highlander]

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  1. One who lives in a relatively higher elevation.


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  • Radford Highlanders, the sports teams (most of which compete at the NCAA Division 1 level), fans, students and alumni of Radford University, in southwest Virginia, US
  • Highland Football League one of three senior non-league football (soccer) leagues in Scotland
  • The Highlanders, an Irish indoor soccer team and winners of the 2006 World Indoor Soccer Cup
  • Highlanders (rugby), a rugby union team in New Zealand that participates in the Super 14 competition
  • The Highlanders (professional wrestling), a tag team in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)
  • Highlanders FC, a Zimbabwean football (soccer) club
  • LHPS Highlanders, the athletics teams fielded by Lake Highland Preparatory School
  • North Halton Highlanders, a rugby team in Georgetown, Ontario, Canada.
  • New Jersey Tech Highlanders, the teams (NCAA Division 1 level), students, alumnae/alumni and fans of the New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • The New York Highlanders, a baseball team which would later become the New York Yankees

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